Whether your punch list includes research and strategy to determine highest-and-best-use, an eye-catching logo for your development, or a top-notch sales team to make homeowners out of buyers, our talent pool allows us to house our consultation and training team, creative services, and technology solutions under the same roof. One committed team will follow your project from start to finish as we create solutions that help build your business.

Consulting: Evaluate, Strategize & Break Ground

Adding our expertise to your business is the equivalent of “measuring twice,” giving you the confidence to make the cut!

Below are just a few examples of ways our consultative approach has helped builders near and far.

  • Design of sales center to close more sales and generate upgrade sales revenue. For one builder, this resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue.
  • Evaluated sales contracts and determined the sales team was giving away thousands of dollars in additional appliances as a carrot to get people to close. Made policies around what could be given as an enticement and trained the sales team to work within those saving the builder thousands of dollars.
  • Analysis of development plans and site review to allow for greater sales opportunities.
  • Demographic analysis to match the product to the target demographic which includes potential traffic analysis and pricing analysis.
  • Floorplan analysis – in one case, moving one closet made all the difference!
  • Analysis of post-closing and warranty review program, resulting in happier homeowners who referred the builder new business.
  • Development of a video presence online allowing potential homebuyers to get to know the builder, the builder’s philosophy and commitment to quality, and view video testimonials from repeat homeowners.

Just like a general contractor works to make sure all the construction cogs are working together, our consulting know-how will support your goals – whether it be to strategize about your next building development, put together a business plan that will wow lenders and investors, or get buyers flocking to your model homes. And if you know something isn’t working, but just aren’t sure how to fix it, we can help!

Out-Build the Competition

Just like professional sports teams scope each other out before the big game, you owe it to your business to know what your competition is doing – and how your team compares so you can compete and win! What are they doing differently? Is your sales team doing everything in their power to listen to clients’ needs and get the sale closed? Can you imagine the success you would have if you knew these answers?

  • Online and offline analysis of marketing channels utilized and their effectiveness in getting buyers to the community.
  • Mystery-shop both the builder community and sales team
  • Mystery-shop the competition

Armed with this information, we will create a custom plan that will help you dominate your market.

Stop imagining what your competition is doing to bring in business and stop assuming your sales team has all the answers. Knowledge is power.

Sales Management: Inspire & Innovate

Whether you are your own sales manager – or you have a whole team – it is critical that they motivate and train on a regular basis. Your sales will show whether they are at the top of their game. If sales are slow, then it isn’t just your front line that needs help. Motivation, training, and accountability are the keys to sales success – and we have the master key! We can cover:

  • Leading a sales team to increased sales success
  • Setting realistic sales goals and helping your team attain them
  • Performance management
  • Sales coaching for increased ROI
  • Developing campaigns that are easy to implement and follow
  • Nurturing and networking

Your sales team is the face of your project and their actions can make your development a success or a dud. You don’t have time to do it all – let us do the heavy lifting with your sales team and let the buyers in!

Branding: For Community & Character

Need a logo and collateral for a new home site…or even for yourself? Looking for the content for that perfect home brochure?

Our team is at your service! Below are just a few items we have designed or created for our clients:

  • Builder identity materials including logo, brand, and collateral materials
  • Community name and brand identity including logo
  • On-site environmental graphics for commercial projects
  • Collateral materials for sales center including flyers, maps, folders, benefit sheets
  • Follow-up plan, materials and content for sales team including benefit-based mailpieces and call agendas
  • Dare-to-compare sheets comparing the amenities of different developments
  • Site signage including community landmark signage, entry banners and directional signage
  • Advertising including billboards and other magazine and paper ads
  • Media advertising including radio and TV ads
  • Strategic networking plan – both with community and real estate agents
  • Marketing plan for second home markets
  • Silkscreened and embroidered shirts, hats, blankets, and other gifts
  • Trade show strategy, collateral, and signage
  • Presentations- invitations, collateral, and Microsoft® Powerpoint

If you struggle to coordinate your overall plan with your marketing team and getting things printed and mailed out, you need to stop spinning your wheels and let us do the coordinating. Your time is better-spent bringing your home designs to life. Let us share your story!

Online Traffic Builders

If you are stronger behind a hammer than a keyboard, we can take on the heavy lifting when it comes to your online presence. The below are a few types of services we have built for past clients:

  • Websites Development
  • Website copy
  • Responsive websites for ease of use on smartphones
  • Interactive web tools to allow for greater engagement
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Blog content including customized market reports
  • Social media branding and campaigns
  • Video campaign advertising – both content creation and production

If your skills are better suited to working with a bandsaw than worrying about bandwidth, then rely on our company to take your company to the next level.

Closing Strategies for On-Site Sales

If your sales team is in need of a little polish, let us help. With just a few tweaks, your team will be closing more sales, keeping more potential buyers interested, and opening more doors for future projects.

  • Sales team weakness analysis
  • Lead conversion strategies and materials
  • Objection handling techniques and tools
  • Conflict resolution
  • Personality type and generational selling and closing strategies
  • Body language selling and closing strategies
  • Leadership selling
  • Creating urgency in verbal and written communication
  • Sales communication customized for target markets

There is no point spending money on marketing if your team doesn’t know how to close. We do!